Are You Feeling Stuck?…

Struggling after a break up, haunted by the past, or tired of being single?

baggage sad

Our ideal clients have been through a relationship break up, and feel stuck with where to go next. They may be recently single, tired of being single, or with a new partner (yet dealing with the ghost of ex’s past).

Do you have that sinking feeling every time you think about your ex? That heavy tightness in your tummy? Or a worried feeling that just doesn’t make sense? Do you feel like you’re going crazy when you can’t focus, or sleep? When everything reminds you of him? Or you just don’t enjoy the things you used to love? It can be agonising to wonder what to do with your time now, and how (or if) you’ll ever find someone new. Does the right one even exist?

Do you want to know how to feel better sooner, bring your thoughts to where you want them to be, and save your time and energy for the people who matter to you?

At Life After Love, we can help ease your pain now, support you on your way through a break up, and prepare you to attract the partner you want next time. We will guide you through week by week, using counselling and mind-body techniques to help you heal, and drop off the baggage that no longer serves you.

Imagine feeling empowered and on track, making good decisions as you move forward towards the life you really want. Feeling free of that heavy feeling, re-energised through better sleep, and re-focused to be more productive at work, and more available for the people you care about.

Kylie offers appointments in Mosman, Sydney. To make an appointment, contact Kylie by filling in the contact form below (you will get a response within 48 hours), or just call on 0400 433 549.


2 Responses to Are You Feeling Stuck?…

  1. sneha says:

    i really dont know how am i changing nd my friends ie so hard to be good i am really confused with my own behaviour and attitude

    • Sneha, if you’re in Sydney I’m happy to spend 10 minutes on the phone to see if there’s something more I can offer you. Just call me during business hours and if I can’t answer I’ll call back as soon as I’m available.

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